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Oh-Oh-Zempic: Oh No!

Battling Off-Label Use and PBM’s Role: The Quest for a Solution

The off-label use of GLP-1 drugs for weight loss isn't just a medical concern; it's a complex issue that demands a united response from all fronts. From healthcare providers to PBMs, various players are stepping up, determined to tackle this challenge head-on.

What Can You Do?

Defeating Off-Label Use of Ozempic requires a synchronized approach, encompassing education, oversight, and innovative solutions. Healthcare providers are diligently educating patients about the proper use of GLP-1 drugs, ensuring they understand the risks associated with off-label use. Health plans, too, are playing a crucial role by meticulously defining coverage for weight loss drugs, ensuring that only those who meet the criteria can access them.

Besides, we're witnessing the emergence of GLP utilization programs, offering precise, targeted approaches to managing these drugs. These programs provide comprehensive guidelines, unwavering support, and meticulous monitoring to ensure that GLP-1 drugs are used responsibly and effectively.

What We Do?

As a PBM, we find ourselves on the forefront of this issue, with responsibilities extending far beyond cost management. In fact, we work tirelessly to establish robust drug utilization controls, closely observing how GLP-1 drugs are prescribed and used. By collaborating with payers and health plan sponsors, PBMs actively promote responsible healthcare practices and ensure patient safety.

For instance, if a group includes Ozempic and other GLP-1 drugs on their formulary, transparent communication with payers and sponsors is vital. This approach fosters teamwork, preventing misuse while ensuring that those in need have access to these life-changing medications.

Data Insights and Automation: Harnessing the Power

Just as G.I. Joe once proclaimed "knowledge is half the battle", so do we at Veritas. Real-time insights can revolutionize how PBMs navigate the intricate realms of GLP-1 drugs. Through cutting-edge data analytics, healthcare professionals gain invaluable visibility into the prescription process, purchases, drug usage patterns, and refill habits of GLP-1 drugs. Automation further bolsters our capabilities, enabling rapid identification of inefficiencies, and adherence issues.

Join us as we forge ahead, revolutionizing the management of GLP-1 drugs, transforming lives, and bolstering healthcare standards for all. Let's talk about it!

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