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Population Health Management

Our advanced analytics system intakes historical and ongoing medical and pharmacy data to provide year-round risk surveillance of the population, in order to identify population health management opportunities and evaluate risk mitigation strategies.

Risk Aggregation / Predictive Analytics

VRX Analytics creates a Health Score that is statistically linked to a person’s future health status. Scores are calculated at both the aggregate and member level based on historical data throughout the member’s claims history. Using approximately 400 variables, the model calculates the probability that the patient will have a severe health condition within the next one year and used as a measurement of risk reduction.

Virtual Primary Care

VRX  Primary Care offering provides virtual access to top primary care physicians dedicated to understanding patient needs and developing a tailored care plan with ongoing access to care via message-based or video interactions.


Patients can choose a consistent provider who meets their needs and preferences. Our comprehensive health assessments identify health issues early using an easy survey and/or at-home genetic or lab screenings, informing patients about targeted interventions. Lab tests are delivered to the patient’s doorstep and easily returned in prepaid packages


Best of all, all patients also get 24/7 urgent care access included in our primary care solution.

Full Customer Experience Service

From our customer service department to our clinicians, our patients are the focus of our drive, innovation, and performance.  We understand that positive therapeutic outcomes are a result of addressing more than just the clinical aspect.  We offer prior authorization assistance, financial assistance, and nutritional services to support member in their journey.

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