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Our Mission

To Transform the Landscape of Pharmacy Benefit Management through Transparency, Data-driven Decision Making, and Cost-effective Solutions. At Veritas Rx, our vision is to redefine the experience of pharmacy benefits revolutionizing how pharmacy benefits are delivered.  

We have an unwavering commitment to radical transparency and having mutually aligned interests with our payers.  NO hidden sources of revenue, no rebate-chasing and strategy beyond the spreadsheet.  If you seek a true partner in increasing access to vital medications, lowering the cost of those medications and eliminating middlemen waste, then call us today, the Revolution is afoot!

Our Story

Experienced Leadership

Collectively wielding nearly 100 years of experience in managing the intricacies of employee health and welfare plans, our leadership teams brings specialized knowledge and fierce dedication to disrupting the status-quo where employers and members overpay for life-saving services bringing together the pieces needed to bend the cost curve and optimize member outcomes.  

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