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Medication non-adherence: The Sneaky Saboteur in the Battle for Healthcare Savings!,

Let’s face it, folks – not taking your meds can cost you BIG time!

Here’s the lowdown on what happens when you forget to pop those pills:

Increased healthcare utilization**: Say hello to more nursing homes, hospital visits, and admissions. The burden is real.

Higher healthcare costs**: Poor adherence means serious health consequences, which ultimately leads to big bucks. We’re talking $528.4 billion annually, folks!

Preventable hospitalizations**: Hey there, non-adherent patients! Get set for hospital stays, emergency treatments, and other interventions. It’s no joke - this contributes to a whopping $500 billion in yearly medical costs[!

Increased risk of disease progression**: Watch your condition go from bad to worse in record time. But hey, at least it’ll give you an excuse for extended, intensive care.

Increased risk of complications**: Skip your meds, and brace yourself for complications. Hospitalizations and skyrocketing healthcare costs, anyone? Yeah, we didn’t think so4.

Enough of this nonsense, though! Let’s tackle this medication non-adherence beast head-on. How, you ask? Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

Understanding the why: Why do patients shun their pills? It’s time to find out.

Adopting the right techniques: Let’s kick non-adherence to the curb with patient education, compliance aids, motivation, and support. We’ve got your back!

Teamwork makes the dream work: We’re in this together. Collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients is key. We’re talking optimal health outcomes here, people!

Show me the money! Reducing out-of-pocket costs can work wonders, increasing adherence, and shrinking per-member, per-month costs for employer groups.

So, folks, let’s take down this sneaky saboteur – one pill at a time!

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