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Gene Therapy: The Risk is Real

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the wonders of gene therapy! This groundbreaking field of medicine holds the key to curing even the most stubborn of diseases by tinkering with our very own genes. It's like a magic show for your DNA!

Now, we won't lie to you, folks, gene therapy does come at a cost. We're talking big bucks here, with prices ranging from a whopping $300k all the way up to a cool $1 million. And that's where the challenge begins, especially for our fearless employers, particularly those who are self-insured. Yikes!

But fear not, my friends, for we bring you a guide to navigate this treacherous landscape. Consider it your survival kit in the face of gene therapy madness. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate! Take a good hard look at the safety and efficacy of these gene therapy drugs. We don't want any monkey business when it comes to your employees' health, do we? Oh no, we want the real deal!

Step 2: Cooperation is key, folks. Let's get everyone on board. Manufacturers, payers, patient advocacy groups - we need you all! It's a team effort, my friends, and together we can conquer this genetic labyrinth.

Step 3: Find yourself a reliable health partner. Someone who's got your back, someone who's committed to improving lives while keeping those finances in check. Anthem, anyone? They've got their eyes on the drug and biologic pipeline, so you don't have to. Phew!

Step 4: Think outside the box, folks. Alternative financing models are the name of the game. Value-based insurance design, outcome-based contracting - it's time to shake things up and make those high-cost claims a little more manageable.

And there you have it, brave employers! By taking a proactive stance, you can dodge the risks of gene therapy. As they say, it's best to fix the roof before the rain. Now go forth and conquer the genetic frontier! No worries, we are here to help!

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